The links below will provide access to documents and training materials useful to new and returning volunteers who are or will be working as tour guides, ticket shed staff, and other positions.

README FILE For IBOOKS PUBS—explains use of iBooks formatted files and their PDF versions.

2014 Annual Report (1.1 MB)—our 2014 annual report on our financials and our activities throughout 2014.

Tour Guide Training (300 MB)—the complete guide to training for volunteers. Published in iBooks format for reading on an Apple iPad or in the iBooks application on Apple desktop and laptop computers. PDF version (5 MB) [Revised 30 June 2020]

Volunteer Handbook (20 MB)—a handbook for all volunteers outlining the procedures for setting up the lighthouse for tours, talking points for use when guiding visitors, procedures for the ticket shed, steps to sign up for lighthouse openings, and instructions for use of the point-of-sale (cash register) system in the ticket shed. PDF version (5 MB) [Revised 8 July 2020]

Guidelines and Procedures for Lighthouse Openings (448 KB)—brief description of basic procedures for volunteers.

Tour Guide Info Cards (176 KB)—a PDF version of the information cards (laminated and on a key ring) that tour guides use as “memory joggers” while giving tours in the lighthouse.

Spring Point History (4.6 MB)—a PDF version of the history booklet available for sale in the ticket shed. While some information in the book has been overtaken by recent research, it remains an excellent guide to the lighthouse and its keepers.

Trustee-Buddy Policy (430 KB)—describes the Trust’s policy of pairing new volunteers with more experienced personnel during the new volunteer’s initial orientation.

Volunteer Descriptions (62 KB)—a description of volunteer positions available at the lighthouse.

NARA Research Summary (364 KB)—an outline index of the contents of documents discovered during research at the National Archives and Records Administration.  Provides a good overview of events and construction/modification projects over the years from 1896 to present day.

Media Policy (86 KB)—describes the Trust’s policy regarding commercial video or photography within the lighthouse.

SPLL Structural Evaluation (7.8 MB)—Becker Structural Engineer’s 2014 survey of Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse’s structural condition, with recommendations for priorities for repairs.


Links to Additional Information

These links are provided for volunteers who wish to expand their knowledge of the surrounding lighthouses and forts of the Portland Harbor area. The links are external to Spring Point Ledge Light’s web site and are not controlled or endorsed by the Spring Point Ledge Light Trust but are believed to be reliable. Please report any broken links to the Trust using the form on the Contact Us page.

Historic Forts of Maine

Fort Gorges (Wikipedia)

Fort Scammel

Fort Preble

Southern Maine Community College

Portland Head Light

Portland Breakwater Light

New England Lighthouses



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