Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a height requirement for children?

Touring the lighthouse involves climbing ladders and passing through hatches. For safety reasons, we limit children to a minimum height of 51 inches as a requirement for admission.

Are you open for tours during the winter?

The lighthouse is only open during the summer season from June through early September, with a few dates in September and October to accommodate special events. During the winter months, the 850-foot breakwater is frequently covered with ice or snow. Anyone is free to walk on the breakwater any time, but they do so at their own risk.

Is the lighthouse available for weddings?

Generally not. There are no toilet facilities in the lighthouse and the ladders and hatches can be difficult to negotiate with dress shoes and gowns. Weddings are frequently held on the grounds of Fort Preble at the foot of the breakwater and these arrangements must be made with Southern Maine Community College.

Is the lighthouse available for commercial video and photography shoots?

The lighthouse can be made available for commercial video and photo shoots on and within the lighthouse. The Trust has established a schedule of fees for this access. These fees cover the expenses of staff and insurance and are used for the general maintenance and preservation of the lighthouse. A copy of the Trust’s media policy may be downloaded here.

Can arrangements be made for special group tours?

The Trust is always pleased to accommodate group tours during the summer season. Scheduling arrangements can be made by contacting the Trust. Our fee is the normal $5.00/person admission with a minimum of $100.00. While special tours can be arranged on fairly short notice, the more advance notice we receive the better we can arrange for staff to be available.

Is the lighthouse handicapped accessible?

While the lighthouse has been visited successfully by the blind and people with minor disabilities, the lighthouse is not wheelchair accessible. Reaching the lighthouse requires traversing an 850-foot long granite breakwater with some significant gaps between the rocks. Entry requires the ability to climb several vertical ladders. Due to costs and  restrictions on modifications allowed by the lighthouse’s designation as a historical landmark, it is not possible to make the lighthouse wheelchair accessible.

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